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Our story begins in 2018, fishing, as it couldn’t be otherwise!!! During the peak season of Pejerrey, Pedro Mau hired the fishing service on the Rio de la Plata with a renowned guide, and coincidentally, that day, as if predestined, Mariano Prieto would be on the same boat. That was the first union of the team, and it happened floating on the imposing sweet sea.

With similar fishing stories, Pedro mentioned that he had a childhood dream of creating a fishing program.

Mariano quickly believed in the ‘PESCA AL GOLPE’ project with his enormous generosity, joy, and good vibes, thus forming the first core. The plan included more people who fish with lures, but it wasn’t easy to find people who believed in the project…

However, there was someone who had recently arrived in the country and was well-known in the fishing community because he repaired fishing reels for the most active lure fishermen in Argentina. Pedro wanted him on the team, and there’s nothing easier to win over a fisherman than inviting him to fish. The chosen location was Gualeguay, guided by another renowned guide in the area. On Friday, November 1st, 2018, that fishing trip took place. Pedro went to pick up Gonzalo Peláez at his house, about 40 minutes away, against the final direction…

Later, we looked for Mariano and headed to Gualeguay, where undoubtedly the spark that started this beautiful adventure was ignited. On that date, the first ‘Pati Gualeyo’ festival was taking place, and as if that weren’t enough, that afternoon we had lunch on the island, at the Lujan Peña’s campsite, which was preparing for the big event. There, we met many people, some fishing leaders, and many enthusiasts who still faithfully follow us today. Some time later, there was another addition, El Pity, taking the fourth place, an avid walker of streams, a plains fisherman, a deceiver of tarariras, but after a while with us, he had to leave the project. From 2018 to the present, we have lived countless fishing adventures and experiences that we have definitely decided to share, so that you can also be the protagonists and join us in the next fishing stories we are going to write.

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